Blackberry or Android? A millennial’s guide for finding the right phone

Lauren Yanow

After two years of begging my Blackberry trackball to do what I say, my cell phone contract is up. As much as I hate the idea of signing another two year contract, it’s the price I must pay to get a shiny new phone at a price an unpaid intern can afford.

Here’s the question: What phone should I get?

Although I’ve pleaded with my parents on multiple occasions to switch to AT&T for the sole purpose of buying me an iPhone, I have accepted the fate that I will forever be stuck with T-Mobile. (Well, at least until I’m ready to pay my own phone bill.)

I have been a Blackberry user since high school. I started with an adorable white Blackberry Pearl. As a college student, I traded up for a more reliable Blackberry Curve. I swore I would never give up my Blackberry. But now I’m considering switching from the “professional phone” to one that is more fun and has more apps.

Should a social savvy millennial be using a Blackberry or an Android phone?

I’m torn. But please feel free to add your two cents.

Should I stick with my Blackberry?

One word: Email. Blackberry phones are famous for its ability to interface with email providers. As someone who is currently interning and also on the job hunt, the ability to check my email at any moment is essential to my success. While Android phones also have this capability, it is a specialty of Blackberry devices. Aside from email, BBM or Blackberry Messenger is a big bonus. For those of you have never owned a Blackberry, BBM is like AIM for phones. It’s only available to Blackberry users (for now), but BBM sends your messages at lightning speed. It also tells you if the message was delivered and when it is read. Think of it like Facebook stalking for cell phones.

Or should I just jump on the millennial bandwagon and get an Android?

Apps, apps and more apps. Even though Blackberry does offer the essentials (Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook,  and ESPN Scorecenter), it’s just not enough. Blackberry doesn’t have an app store. Even though some people want a phone to play Angry Birds with, I want a phone that speaks to my inner-social media nerd. Our generation is always about finding out what’s new and better. How am I supposed to keep up, if my Blackberry can’t? With an Android phone, I would finally be able to access the Internet at higher speeds. This way, I can download apps that will keep me up-to-date on news or apps that help me find a place to eat lunch. In addition, I’ve got an unhealthy addiction to Google, Gmail, and Google Calendar, which will sync well with an Android device.

Well, it’s good that I have some time before I make my decision. After all, making a two year commitment is a big deal for any millennial.


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