What do you do when your upstairs neighbors won’t shut the @$@#$#! up?

Jessica Levco

Rarely, I rant.

But when you’re only averaging four hours of sleep each night, I’m making an exception.

Here’s the situation: I’ve got this new upstairs neighbor who doesn’t get home until midnight. That means, he shuffles, stomps and drop things on his hardwood floor from 12:17 until 2:35 a.m. Then, he usually wakes up again at 4 a.m. and continues to walk and stomp.

So, I’ve gone upstairs and talked to him about the situation—at least five times. But he says there’s nothing he can do about it. And to some degree, it’s true. It’s his apartment. If he wants to stomp around, he can. We just happen to be on two different millennials, on two different schedules.

I have to accept the situation. Around 3 a.m. last night, I made up a list of things that I can do to see if I can get at least one more hour of sleep each night.

Does anybody else have any tips?

  1. Get a fan.
  2. Buy heavy-duty earplugs.
  3. Sleep outside on my porch. I have a sleeping bag.
  4. Nap when I get home from work.
  5. Crash at a different friend’s apartment each night.
  6. Experiment with melatonin.
  7. Start drinking nightcaps.
  8. Pop some sleeping pills.
  9. Combine shots of bourbon, sleeping pills and melatonin (hopefully, this won’t kill me).
  10. Move.

4 thoughts on “What do you do when your upstairs neighbors won’t shut the @$@#$#! up?

  1. I DEFINITELY don’t think you should have to do #5. You pay your rent just like he pays his and there is no reason why you should be run out of YOUR apartment because of some insensitive asshole. I came across this blog while googling a resolution to MY problem, which falls kinda under the same lines. I have upstairs neighbors that either have grandkids or run a day care and the kids LITERALLY jump around and bang on the floor ALL DAY LONG! It’s HIGHLY aggravating and I’m THIS close to losing my damn mind! For a weeks, i tried to ignore it or tune it out because I don’t like confrontation and I didn’t feel like going up there. Today I hit the end of my rope and I just COULDN’T take it anymore. I can literally FEEL when they do whatever they do to make this noise…like my apartment SHAKES. So I go and POLITELY inform them that they are being a LITTLE too loud and ask them to try to keep it down, and just my luck, they don’t speak english! So I have to LITERALLY act out to the lady what I’m trying to say and what I basically get from her is the response that she can’t really do anything about it because they’re kids, and it’s ok because they don’t make this noise at night, only in the daytime… =\ sooo…that’s supposed to console me in some way? Whatever. I go back to my apartment. 5 minutes later, her husband (who apparently speaks more english than she does) comes knocking on MY door telling me that his wife just told him that I knocked on their door and asked me why. I proceeded to tell him, nicely, why I went up there and he basically tells me the same thing but is more of an asshole about it. He says, “well we have 3 kids and kids play, we don’t have them alot (which is a damn lie), and there’s really nothing we can do about it (another lie). I WANT to be sorry but…..it’s not between the hours of 10 and 10 (the quiet hours for my complex) soo it’s ok.” Oh really douchebag? It’s ok according to…? Now it’s hours later and they are STILL banging on the ceiling….CONSTANTLY! It’s 8pm so it’s not in accordance with what Mrs. Douchebag said about them NOT making noise at night..so MY little no-so-polite-anymore ass is about to politely walk up there and BANG on their door and ask them to shut the FUCK up!! AGAIN!…Tomorrow I’ll be calling the rental office, and if THAT doesn’t work, I WILL be calling the cops… =D

    Sorry for the BOOK….but good luck!!

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  3. Omg i have the same problem only that mine is a bit different this ppl up here have like 4 kids and theres like 5 adults living there gosh and in my appt were only 3 my husband 6 month daughter and myself gosh i tried hitting the ceiling with the vroom stick to see if it annoys them but nothing my next choice is throwing the ice lol they leave me no choice plus they do it on purpose :/ lol

  4. My problem is coming from BELOW me, actually. As I write this comment, I’m also in the process of drafting a letter to my building’s management company about all the noise downstairs. The people who live in the basement below me have a couple of good speakers and fully take advantage of them every single day. Even as I type, they’ve got their music blaring. Their bass constantly shakes everything in my apartment. From the floor to the walls. Sometimes I wonder if the people who live above me can hear the basement’s music. It’s so annoying, it makes me want to scream and stomp on the floor angrily, but I figure that if I make any louder noise, they’ll just turn the music up even more. Me and my apartment-mates have all repeatedly texted them to turn it down. They do, but only if we ask. It’s as if they don’t hold any bit of consideration for anyone else in the building. Especially when they all get blasted and all their 420 smoke fills the space around the door, outside of their apartment. I’m wondering if I could use that as an excuse to also complain to my management company…at this point it’s not even about snitching, it’s about getting them to shut the fuck up.

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