Flex those millennial muscles –in the workplace

Samantha Hosenkamp

Chairs scare me. PR Daily posted an infographic describing how sitting can slowly kill you by upping your chances of heart disease. Now, I eye my chair suspiciously. It’s no longer a comfortable cradle for my tush—it’s a harbinger of health complications, obesity, and death.

Perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic.

But I’ve been working on a few ways to make my work day healthier. Here are my top five tips.

Stand up to heart disease: My co-worker and I created our own makeshift standing desks and stand for about four hours every day. We get a lot of odd looks. But it keeps us more alert, engages our core muscles and burns between 12 and 30 more calories per hour than sitting.

Work out and then go out:  Schedule workout dates right after work to relieve your workday tensions. Resist the urge to go straight to happy hour. Enjoy the added bonus of extra energy after your workout—because lifting those pints is tough.

Workout at your desk: You know you have 15 minutes to spare. Keep weights under your desk. Instead of stuffing yourself with Doritos purely because you’re bored, do a few bicep curls. You can use your desk to do dips and pushups, too.  Check out this 15 minute desk workout video from SparkPeople.com.

Resist the urge to phone, email or tweet your coworkers: Go talk to your coworkers–in person. A real conversation can help break-up your routine. 

Put the credit card away: Ragan’s office is near a plethora of delicious bodegas, quickie restaurants and snack shops, conveniently located five floors below. I’m tempted on a daily basis to grab lunch. But why not try to make a healthier version of that Burrito Beach entree you eat everyday? Your wallet and your waistline will thank you for that.

What do you do to encourage a healthier workplace?


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