Must watch: Inspiring video for the millennial generation

Regina Wood

‘Generation We’ will save the world!

Last Friday, I almost shouted this phrase to the entire Ragan Communications office.  Just as my lips began to form the words, I stopped myself, realizing that all my co-workers would probably think that I had gone crazy.

What made me so excited?

I had just watched a very inspiring video about the Generation We (another term for millennial) movement.

Generation We began as a book by Erin Greenberg and Karl Weber. The book describes the rising power of millennials, the largest generation in American history.  Weber and Greenberg believe that our generation is “spearheading a period of sweeping change in America and around the world.”

The book shares the results of a major research study (sponsored by Greenberg) that surveyed 2,000 millennials and twelve focus groups.  Based on this survey and their own experiences, Greenberg and Weber outline a plan for how millennials can begin progressive change, beginning with Project FREE.

The synopsis of the book describes Project FREE as a “massive scientific and industrial program to move American beyond fossil fuels by inventing the next generation of energy sources.”  Greenberg and Weber argue that this project will not only reduce environmental damage caused by carbon emissions, but will also produce new jobs and free the U.S. from its dependency on hostile countries.

The Generation We movement has expanded to the Web, where anyone can read a free PDF version of the book.  On its Facebook page, millennials talk to each other and spread the word for their individual campaigns for change.  One millennial recently writes on the wall, “[I] have been reading the free online PDF for hours now… and I have never been more on board with an idea, agenda or plan.”

So often, newspapers, TV shows and blogs proclaim our generation as lost, idle, and morally corrupt.  The Generation We movement offers a whole new view of who we can be and what we can accomplish.

It’s not Generation X or Baby Boomers who will determine our path.  It is we, our generation.  Will we be remembered as a generation that stood by while our country slowly declined? Or will we be known as leaders of a revolution that led America out of its economic challenge, poverty, wars, and dependence on foreign oil?  Will we be a generation that saves the world or one that just lives in it?


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