Millennials: What’s your biggest ‘pet peeve’?

Jessica Levco

Sometimes, it’s the little things that bother you.

For me, it’s the actual phrase that describes these minor annoyances.

I’m talking about “pet peeves.”

I cringe when people throw around this phrase in casual conversation. I hate when people tick off their list of “pet peeves.” I’ve started to feel very sorry for the word “pet,” which didn’t be asked to be associated with the word “peeve,” in the first place.

If you look at the two words together, it doesn’t make sense. A peeve is not a pet, unless you’re annoyed with pets. You can’t take a peeve for a walk.

Why do we have to put a “cutesy” word before something we’re annoyed with in the first place?

That doesn’t make annoyances more manageable and easier to handle.  

If there’s something that really irks you, just say: “This is what frustrates me about society, humanity, and/or my significant other.”

Please, just take out the pet—and leave the peeve.

And besides, are you really worried about offending anyone? If someone is already listening (or in my case, reading) your rant, they’re probably already irritated by how much of their time you’re wasting, anyway.

You should just get to the point and say how much mankind annoys you.

OK, enough. I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney. And a person who complains like him is one of my biggest peeves.


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