5 fashion mistakes for millennial women

Jeanine Levco

As a recent Fashion Design grad at Indiana University, I spent the past four years watching girls dress themselves in Ugg boots, baggy sweatshirts, and North Face fleeces.

But ladies, now that you’ve graduated, it’s time to grow up. Or at least dress like you have.

Here are some fashion tips to help recent college grads look their everyday best in the office:

1.  Makeup: You’re not a clown, tone it down

2.  Low cut shirts: Save it for the night club. Your workplace cafeteria is not a bar.

3.  Leggings: Wear these at the gym. You’re at work—not working out.

4.  Sleeveless: Only Michelle Obama can pull this look off.

5.  Scents: There’s nothing worse than sitting next to someone who smells like vanilla extract or honeysuckle.

Do you have any other fashion advice for post-grad millennials?

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