5 things you need to do if you’re running late to work

Matt Riggs

I woke up late for work today.

While I was dreaming about catching the big touchdown at the World Series from Michael Jordan, I should have been getting ready for the day.

If you’re running late, you’ll need to prioritize your actions.

Here’s how you can do it:

Do: Shower. Showing up late to work is one thing, but showing up smelling like last night’s activities is certainly another.
Don’t: Forget to wash the soap out of your left armpit. Having a soap pit will really cut down on productivity.

Do: Check the local news for traffic or public transit updates.
Don’t: Watch that episode of Breaking Bad you DVR’d last night. If you must watch something, watch The Office. It’ll get you in the right mindset to work on that spreadsheet analysis.

Do: Make your lunch or bring money to buy food.
Don’t: Decide that this is the time to make your grandmother’s famous chili and call your mom for the recipe. She’s either asleep or watching an NCIS marathon. In either case, leave her alone.

Do: Bring an activity (iPod, Kindle, newspaper) to make your commute easier.
Don’t: Get caught up in a high stakes dice game on the train with two racial stereotypes. Not only will you end up losing money, but you’ll lose track of time and miss your stop.

Do: Feed your pets before you leave.
Don’t: Pretend that you are your pet and pretend that your pet is you. It’s not a good idea to dress your pet up in a suit and tie and make them go to work for you, while you lay around the house and chew on bones. More than likely, your boss will notice.

If you follow this list, you’ll make it out the door more quickly. Unless, of course, you’re late for work right now and you’re reading this—in that case—go to work!

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