Boomer Bill tells millennials to leave their parents’ basement

Jessica Levco and Jenny Fukumoto

Millennials: Do you want to be taken seriously? “Boomer Bill” challenges you to speak up and make changes in your life.

Listen to what else Bill thinks millennials are doing–or not doing.

Do you agree? Or is he overreacting? And most importantly, do you like Bill’s shirt?

Let us know.


2 thoughts on “Boomer Bill tells millennials to leave their parents’ basement

  1. I posted this video on MillennialChat’s Twitter & Facebook profiles, and it got immediate reaction. The reaction was disagreement with Boomer Bill’s statements.

    In my own opinion, I don’t totally disagree with Bill’s statements. Millennials have NOT really found a voice yet, in that aspect, Bill is correct. Some may say that ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is becoming part of our voice, but that protest still does not have a singular focus.

    However, I do believe our generation is recognizing the need to do SOMETHING, and while we may still be figuring out what that something is, we are continuously practicing with the tools that will enable us to do it quickly. Our generation is recognizing the power of instant collaboration, but we have not yet used the power to the best of our ability. For example – many other ‘Occupy’ protests sprung up this weekend across the nation, most of which collaborated on when and where through social media.

    So, I do semi-agree with Bill because we have yet to really demand anything, but I do feel like he is overreacting when he says it is due to our lack of strength. I think our “lack of strength” stems from our lack of holding jobs with significant power. In other terms, I feel as if we are still trying to stay above water on an individual level and can’t move on to bigger things.

    I would love to hear others reactions to this video.

    – Willie Matis

    P.S. Bill’s shirt looks like it would be a fantastic shirt to golf in.

  2. Bill’s point sounds more nostalgic than accurate. Many millennials have found their issue or issues, but how we approach them and seek change is not how previous generations have done this, for a lot of reasons. Speaking only for myself, loud, easy to dismiss protests are not going to accomplish the systemic level change that I want. It will come about slowly, painfully, and through years of effort and education by myself and other like-minded people I know, am finding, and am helping to educate. It is and will be frustrating at times, but it is also and will be worth it.

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