Word of the day: Unmarried

Jessica Levco

Recently, when purchasing the condo, I had to sign my name to a lot of different papers.

I had to declare that I wasn’t a terrorist (seriously), that I had a job, and if I was behind on my mortgage, I would incur late fees.

OK, fine.

All the paperwork and legal jargon went by in a blur, but one word stuck out the most: unmarried.

Whatever happened to being single?

In theory, I’m getting to that age where I should think about kids, marriage, and dating a guy longer than two weeks. But I’ve never referred to myself—or my single friends—as “unmarried.” I tend to fall into the dating category of, “doing whatever I want.”

When I date somebody, I don’t think, “I’m un-single.” Besides, “unmarried” isn’t even a relationship option on Facebook. And since I’ve never been married, how could I even be an “un”?


But as I look back on this whole condo experience, it is pretty empowering that I made a huge financial decision on my own. I got to pick the condo I wanted. I’m figuring out what kind of furniture I like and deciding what color to paint my bathroom.

Maybe these are some of the benefits on being “unmarried” when buying a condo. After signing all the paperwork, it’s nice to be back to the status of “doing whatever I want.”


One thought on “Word of the day: Unmarried

  1. It has an ‘unmarried’ option to make sure all financial and legal bases are covered. It makes the condo owners aware of your legal and financial history. If you’re married, financial decisions, and legal decisions effect your married partner whether or not you are ‘with’ them. “Single” can mean a lot of things, so “unmarried” could be interpreted: “Unattached-financially-to-anyone-I-Swear”. “Unmarried” keeps the following from checking the wrong box: 1. “Single” people who are going through a divorce (not finalized), 2. People who are estranged from a previous spouse (and “single” or “in a relationship”) but NOT divorced (“married”) 3. Couples in long term relationships (but “unmarried”). It’s sort of a commentary on who complicated things can get relationally, financially and legally, and why an unmarried category is necessary at this point.

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