The best ‘Sh*t Siri Says’

Siri, the virtual personal assistant on the iPhone 4S, is getting mostly positive reviews.

David Pogue, of The New York Times, loved it. So did The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg. He called it the “standout feature” on not only the iPhone, but on any smartphone. Mashablecalled it impressive, but described it as a work in progress. And some users have said Siri isn’t working as it should.
Michael Sebastian

Here’s how Siri is supposed to work: An iPhone 4S user holds down the device’s Home button until hearing a double beep sound. Then the user gives Siri a command—“Remind me about the boil I’m having lanced on Tuesday”—and it displays a response on the phone and utters one in a female voice.

As you may imagine, Siri has offered some odd responses thus far, and, naturally, a Tumblr blog called Sh*t Siri Says launched. As you also may imagine, many of the user-submitted entries are sexual in nature. Several more are taken from the film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” such as, “Open the pod bay doors, HAL.”

We went through all the responses and compiled five of the best:

Siri, you saucy minx 

This one sounds very Jobsian 

And this one sounds like a mother 

She avoids awkward situations

And she’s tactful, too

Check out more Siri responses here.

(via Buzzfeed)

This article was originally featured on our sister site, PR Daily.


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