Millennials, how do you have fun at conferences?

Jessica Levco

Every time I go to a health care conference, I bring a pocket camera.

And each time I shoot videos, I wind up doing something wrong: the lighting, the sound, the angle, blah, blah, blah. (You can see my Flip cam misadventures part one and two here.)

Our Third Annual Health Care Social Media Summit at Mayo Clinic was no different. I brought the camera, but focused on one of the main conference themes: storytelling.

Even though the technical aspects of these videos are awful, I thought the stories behind them were pretty good.

Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like when we turn the camera on ourselves.

‘Drop down and give me 20!’

Sam Hosenkamp, our social media director, and I encouraged our 400 attendees to join us for a “fun run” on Tuesday night. It turns out that most of our attendees have more fun at bars. Even though only two attendees showed up, we had a good time running in the streets of Rochester. CEO Mark Ragan made this event even more fun by challenging Hosenkamp to push-up contests at every red light.

Breakfast in bed…with your co-workers

Imagine having almost every item on your hotel’s breakfast menu delivered to your door. That’s what it seemed like when Staci Diamond, our director of sales and strategic partnerships, wound up scoring a free breakfast for the ladies on Wednesday morning.

They’re still giving me a tough time about how I pronounced the word “frittata.” As it turns out, it was an omelet.

Mayo Clinic dance party

After our three-day conference, Hosenkamp and I felt a little slap happy. What a perfect time to start a dance party. Luckily, Natasha Bedingfield’s, “Feel the rain on your skin” was blasting in an outdoor courtyard area, near Mayo Clinic. As I’m rambling about patient engagement and awkwardly swinging my arms in the air, Hosenkamp narrates, “Totally sober.” Hard to believe, I know.


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