A Millennial’s list of who to follow on Twitter

Lauren Yanow

Recently a couple people have asked me about Twitter. Most of my friends from college use the micro-blogging site, but typically not for networking purposes.

I, however, think Twitter is one of the best ways to meet people.

My friends used to think it was funny that I made friends on Twitter. Now, a few weeks later, many of them are starting to see that I have caught on to something clever.

With many asking for tips on who to follow, I have put together a short list of some of the best people for millennials to follow in the PR and social media industries.

1.  Lauren Gray @laurenkgray

I thought beginning with a fellow millennial would be a good way to start. Lauren and I connected a few months back. I have found her to be probably one of my best resources. A member of the PRSSA National committee, Lauren is always sending out links to fantastic articles and blogging about her experiences as a PR student. She is definitely a student worth following.

2. Mark Ragan @MarkRaganCEO and Samantha Hosenkamp @samhosenkamp

Yes, I do currently work for Ragan Communications – but this is not a plug. I have been following Mark on Twitter for months. His Twitter acts as a news feed that shares stories posted on Ragan sites including Ragan.com and PRDaily.com. Sam is the brains behind the social media here at Ragan and provides amazing insights into the industry.

3. Arik Hanson @arikhanson

One of the creators of HAPPO (Help a PR Pro Out), Arik has proved himself as a PR industry leader as well as a friend to all PR pros trying to make it in a competitive industry. His website is a fantastic tool. In the time we have spoken via Twitter (and an email or two) he has always offered his advice and support.

4. Valerie Simon @valeriesimon

Valerie is the other creator of HAPPO. A PR pro from the east coast, Valerie always shares great articles and writes a great blog about the PR industry. She participates in tons of tweet chats and always has great advice for up and coming pros.

5. Sarah Evans @prsarahevans

Sarah was one of the first industry leaders I followed. I am amazed at her passion for teaching others about PR. She created the Sevans Network, a great resource for PR pros to share insights, connect, and network.

6. Andrew Worob @worob

Andrew blogs at  PR at Sunrise which happens to be one of my favorite industry blogs. He is always eager to share his experience in the industry. He is extremely insightful. He often rights about topics that are important to new pros and students. He is always networking and interacts on many LinkedIn groups too.

7. Justin Goldsborough @jgoldsborough

I had the opportunity to meet Justin at an event a few months back. I immediately started following him on Twitter and have found him to be one of the most influential people that I follow. He moderates the chat #pr20chat which has been an extremely useful source to many PR pros and students.

8. Heather Whaling @prtini

Heather serves as the other moderator of the #pr20chat. Heather has a great eye for sharing stories about the industry and is always willing to help out a PR student or pro. She is always able to put a clever spin on topics surrounding the industry and offers her opinion as a successful PR and social media pro.

While there are of course more than 8 amazing people on twitter to follow, this is a great start. The best way to find people is to start small. Follow these industry leaders and see who they interact with. If I see that one of these people has retweeted something from someone else it usually leads to another great person to follow. And be sure to follow me at @lyanow!