Finding a millennial mentor—through blogging and tweeting

Recently, @RaganMafia asked our friends at #millennialmafia if they’d like to submit a guest blog post for us.

We heard back from Anna Holcombe, a Chicago blogger who is looking for a job in public relations and social media.

She wrote a post about how the Levi’s millennial-based ad campaign caught her eye. The campaign is driven by research that says millennial women prioritize their independence, instead of following the traditional routes of pursuing a career, marriage and/or motherhood.

Yet, at the same time, millennial women need mentors to help guide them through the choices they face.

When Anna finished her blog post about the campaign, she tweeted it to Gaby Dolceamore, the new blogger for the Levi’s campaign.

Guess what happened next?

Well, not only did Gaby share the post with her audience, but also introduced Anna to two millennial women mentors at Edelman in Chicago. 

How cool is that?

You can read Anna’s blog here.

PS: Would you like to blog for the Mafia? Let us know!