Millennials: Take a vacation from being “you”

Jessica Levco

It’s summer. You’re at work. It’s time to start thinking about your vacation.

Don’t worry if you haven’t booked that flight to Florida.

It doesn’t matter where you go. In fact, you could just take a few days off and hunker down in your apartment. You’ll still have a great time.

What matters is this: You need to take a vacation from yourself. Your soul demands it.

Contrary to Expedia, a good vacation isn’t determined on where you go. A good vacation is all about taking a break from being your 9-5 “you.” Finally, you get to be the “you” that deep down inside, you’d do all day—if you didn’t have to go to work.

Why is it important to explore this “you?”

Because sometimes, living up to society’s expectations—like showering in the morning—is just too demanding. 

You need to unwind.

Here are some things I did on my vacation.

  1. Stopped painting my toenails. I have no patience for doing this.
  2. Watched “Millionaire Matchmaker,” “16 and Pregnant,” and re-runs of “Frasier.” I know, I know.
  3. Walked endlessly, without any real direction.
  4. Read books I’ve been meaning to.
  5. Ate boxes and boxes of cereal, with reckless abandon. Especially Honey Bunches of Oats.

 I loved every minute of it. And then, I came back to work—ready and refreshed to be my “work” self.

What you be doing on your vacation?


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